What do these people have in common with you?
Their E-mails can easily be hacked!
Each software encryption package comes with a master encryption program disc. This master disc allows you to make separate decryption discs for your various recipients. Please note that we use the term disc, but you can transfer the decryption keys to thumb drives in place of discs.
The program executes using the master encryption program disc and temporarily on your computer while you program the recipients discs or thumb drives. After the recipients discs are programmed, the small portion of memory on your computer hard drive used is written over several times with random symbols and letters. There is never a trace of the program or e-mails left on the hard drive of your computer.
IMPORTANT: You must have a DVD / CD writer / player and access to the internet to activate the program. Also, this program can only be sold in the USA and its territories. We cannot ship to foreign countries. This program is designed to work with English only.
There are three software packages available. Level 15 allows a total of fifteen different recipient CD's or thumb drives. Level 25 allows twenty five different recipients. Level 50 allows a total of fifty different recipients.
To ensure maximum security, once you have opened the master program, complete instructions are included to encrypt your messages.
Each recipient disc key is given to your designated individuals, either by mail or in person. Once your recipient has received their disc, you can now send an encrypted message to that person using your favorite e-mail server.

Hackers and big brother are lurking everywhere!
Very important: Each disc sent to your various individuals are completely different from the other discs. Each recipient disc has a different decryption key so that only they can decrypt the message you have sent. This prevents you from sending a encrypted message to the wrong recipient. If you accidently send an encrypted message to the wrong person, they cannot decrypt the message because they will not have the correct "key" on their disc.
Your "master" disc has all of the encryption keys that come with your package you select. The program operates with only the "master" disk and is never put on your hard drive except for the initial burning of the recipient discs. This prevents leaving any trail on your hard drive in case it is stolen or confiscated.
We are so confident that you will benefit from this encryption program, we offer a thirty day trial period. You may download any program Level that allows you to try the program for thirty (30) days. At the end of the thirty day period, all sales are final.

Don't be a victim of hacking or intrusion!


Pricing is as follows:
Level 15: $57.95
Level 25: 94.95
Level 50: 187.95

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