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Q: How can you make the claim that your encryption program cannot be hacked by the most sophisticated spy decryption entities on the net?
A: What we state is that the encrypted portion of the e-mail cannot be decrypted because of the encryption method. Without divulging our method, each letter and symbol typed is never used again in the same message, including pictures. The odds of decryption is infinite. While any message transmitted on the net can be (wire) tapped, it is the message itself that is protected. That is why we offer a million dollar reward to anyone that can decrypt the test message. They simply cannot!
The encryption technique that we use is similar to the "chip" found on the latest credit cards. This "chip" contains a "key" that is exactly the same as the "key" stored on the credit card companies server. Decryption cannot be made without this "key."
Q: How can pictures be encrypted and transmitted?
A: Most picture types can be converted to Base64. This program can be downloaded from any search engine, either on line or a downloaded program. Simply select the picture you want sent and convert using Base64. The result is a series of number and symbols that can be encrypted and sent as an encrypted e-mail just as you would a text message. Your recipient can decode the picture as Base64 and reconvert it to a standard picture format.
Q: How large of text or pictures can I encrypt at a time.
A: You may type up to 150,000 characters or approximately 30,000 words. If your message is over that amount, you may send it in two or more parts. Pictures converted to Base64 also are limited to 150,000 characters. If the picture is over that limit, use software to reduce the size of the picture before converting to Base64.
Q: May I encrypt other types of text besides word processing files.
A: Due to the extreme encryption method used, only word processing text and Base64 files can be encrypted at this time. Many other files such as PDF files can be converted to word processing files before encryption.
Q: Can I use this program on multiple computers?
A: The sending computer is considered the "Master Computer" and once the program is authenticated it can only be used on that computer. The reason is to protect the encryption software from piracy. We recommend using a lap top computer if you will be on the move using this software.
Q: If I change computers, in case of an upgrade or other circumstances, then will I have to purchase another program?
A: In regard to the previous question, if you have a disabled computer and you need to purchase a new computer, we have a procedure to change computers one time. This procedure will be explained when you purchase the original program.
Q: If I have a group of people that I want to send the same encrypted message, do I have to send each one a different encrypted disc?
A: When you write the recipients decryption disk, you can make as many copies as you like to as many recipients that you require to have the same access. Please remember that these decryption discs are not copy protected and must remain in the hands of those you have sent the discs. If you only have one person to have a confidential decryption disc, then you will make only one.
Q: Can my recipient send back an encrypted message using their decryption disk?
A: Yes, the individual decryption disc that the recipient has received from you can be used to answer and send an encrypted message back to you. However, The recipient can only send the encrypted message to you and not other recipients, because each recipient has a different "key" on their disc. The only exception to this is if a group of recipients have the same key you previously sent to that group.
Q: Do I have to use a CD or can I use a "Thumb Drive" to distribute the decryption keys.
A: You may use any device you want to record and distribute the decryption keys. We use the term "DISC" to explain how the encryption system works. A Thumb Drive would work just as well.
Q: Is it possible to re-encrypt the encrypted message?
A: Yes, you may re-encrypt the encrypted message as many times as you wish. In our view this would not make your message any safer from hackers due to our top secret encryption process.
Q: How many different encryption disks are available?
A: Depending on the program you purchased, you may have fifteen (15), twenty five (25), or fifty (50) different decryption discs from each master disc.
Q: You offer a thirty (30) day guarantee. If I a do not want to use the software any longer, how do I receive a refund?
A. A complete refund procedure is provided with the software. You will need the original master disc placed in your DVD / CD player and access to the internet to void the program. Your purchase price will be refunded within two business days.

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